The success of REDTEN is based on the ability to understand and exceed the building requirements of our clients in a professional, service-oriented manner with a dedication to superior quality and performance.

REDTEN field crew motto of “SAFETY FIRST” has become emblematic of its dedication to safety in the field. “OUR PEOPLE OUR POWER”, RRSB adheres to strict standards of governance, and is extremely serious about the corporate and social responsibilities.

The Company’s aim is to build a safety culture aimed at continually reducing the frequency severity rate towards achieving zero accidents. REDTEN has, through a commitment to quality, developed a “TEAM APPROACH” to working with its valued clients. This approach allows the corporate philosophy to extend to the subcontractors and project professionals who are working on the project.

This creates a synergy between the owners, contractors and project professionals that is unmatched in our area and is integral to the project’s success.